Leadership Development.

Guiding talented individuals on the pathway to leadership, we facilitate group workshops and individual leadership coaching to help participants develop their personal leadership style.

Through a process of 360-assessment, coaching and exposure to the latest thinking on inclusive leadership, we develop effective and mindful leaders. The Serendis leadership development philosophy is to facilitate new habits of mindful leadership in order to embed sustainable behavioural change. This approach is grounded in the evidence-based principles of neuroscience.


Serendis co-creates and designs Leadership Programs based on the specific strategy, values and needs of our clients. We refine and customize the topics, content and techniques in order achieve the transformation you are seeking.

We do this primarily through experiential and reflective learning with your leaders in workshops, offsites, 1:1 and group coaching settings. Our facilitation approach ensures that diversity of thought is taken into account and that all perspectives have been considered.

We provide various frameworks, content and modules to prompt leaders to reflect and the core change we see comes through discussion, experiential and interactive activities. Our facilitators create this through powerful questioning and constructive challenge.


Key Elements of a Leadership Development Program

There are three core elements of the Leadership Development Programs we offer. They are:

  • 360 personal awareness
  • Group workshops and Individual Coaching
  • Embedding the change.

360 awareness and goal setting

Challenging an individual's perspective on their environment, their assumptions and unconscious beliefs through a 360 process.

Often we incorporate a 360 degree feedback process into the first phase of a Leadership Development Program. We believe that understanding how others perceive you is vital to growing your leadership capability. We customize the method of 360 utilizing interview-based approaches, Inclusion 360, Hogan 360, LSI1 and LSI2 and other available tools.

Through a 360 process the leaders can create both individual and collective goals which allows us to measure the success and transformation throughout the program's duration.

Embedding Change through experience and dialogue

Neuroscience of habits and principles of mindfulness.

We partner with organisations to create opportunities for the leaders to embed the transformation they are seeking through the Leadership Development Program. This may take the form of individual and group leadership challenges or the identification of key leadership opportunities that sub-groups progress with executive support.

Our Leadership Development Programs are often designed to drive organisational change and successfully deliver shifts in leadership culture.

“The personal coaching has been transformational and helped me make change in addition to what I have learned in the workshops.”
“An engaging and interesting program that makes the theory real, and relevant.”
“Excellent program to help me lead those under and around me, but also above.”
“It was clear the facilitators had a lot of experience and shaped the program so well.”
“Really enjoyed the program and will use the skills on an ongoing basis to improve and continue to develop as a leader/person.”
“Great program. Loved the coaching 1-1 sessions as you can table scenarios in a safe environment.”