At the cross roads of strategy, culture and human behaviour, Serendis transforms leadership practices for success in an increasingly complex world.

Our clients include organisations within the banking, finance, property, professional services and fast moving consumer goods sectors as well as universities and leading research institutes in Australia, Asia-Pacific, and beyond.

Our clients
“They took the time to really understand our business and they make us feel like we're the only client they have.”

Head of Talent, Diversity and Change

“They're proactive and notice trends even before we do.”

Head of Talent, Diversity and Change

“I've never seen such professional, well-researched and high-level facilitation.”

Professor, Faculty of Medicine

“Their evidence-based approach is convincing to even the most sceptical.”

Professor, Faculty of Medicine

“They don't just talk at people, they allow them to draw their own conclusions and reach their own understanding.”

Head of Diversity & Inclusion

“They just get us, it's a great feeling.”

Head of Organisational Development

“Thanks to their digital tools, their mentoring programs are easy to administer.”

Head of Organisational Development

Enhancing inclusion at a leading Australian university.

Working with one of Australia's leading tertiary education institutions, we designed and facilitated a range of programs to help them achieve their strategic goals for inclusion and diversity. With an emphasis on evidence-based methodology to drive and embed cultural and behavioural change, we worked with different groups and levels across the university.

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