We are Serendis.

Our name, 'Serendis', is inspired by an ancient Persian story that first introduced the teachings of 'serendip', the art of recognising unexpected events or signs on your path that will ultimately help you fulfil your purpose.

When Maud Lindley founded Serendis in 2003, she felt the name perfectly embodied her desire to help people and organisations find and fulfil their purpose.

Today, as a team of 14 professionals, we remain inspired by this story with a desire to help individuals and businesses raise their awareness and agility on a purpose driven path to leadership.

Whether it is through coaching or mentoring conversations, or collaborative leadership, the power of diverse perspectives, different viewpoints and various narratives enriches people's awareness and is at the core of everything we believe in and seek to achieve.


OUR MISSION. A modern, agile, collaborative and purposeful approach to leadership.


In today's complex world, leadership is more challenging yet more crucial than ever. Our passion and mission is to help organisations transform, adapt or shape the leadership culture that will enable their success.

We achieve this by supporting individuals and teams through the required personal shifts and our programs are built with these principles in mind.

We invest time identifying the specific strategy, culture and needs of our clients and we develop tailored solutions for each of them.


We are committed to an ongoing process of research and development. We renew our content, our approach and our models constantly to bring the most recent, evidence-based models to our clients.

This has forged our reputation in delivering best in class programs of learning and development.