Career Returners.

The Career Returners initiative empowers professional women who are ready to return to work while also supporting participating organisations to access an untapped talent pool of professional women returning to work.

The program incorporates group coaching, and the possibility to secure permanent employment. We can also offer tailored one to one coaching and advice to ensure you and your CV are presented in the best possible light. If you are a potential candidate or organisation interested in getting involved, please get in touch

Information for Career Returner Participants
Information for Employers


In 2016, Serendis facilitated the first cross-industry return to work initiative to be offered in Australia. We achieved great success in placing a cohort of high quality individuals within the Financial Services industry. Since then, we have been expanding the program into other industries.

We are seeking applicants who have had a career break and are preparing to re-engage with a corporate role. We know from our previous experience that some of participants may be hesitant to approach recruiters or apply directly for roles, so this program provides a transition back to work. If you are considering a return to work after a break and looking for some additional support, further information is available here

If you are an employer looking to increase diversity within your workforce and interested in exploring how the Serendis Career Returners Program could provide access to a pool of talented individuals, further information information can be found here

“The program is amazing and invaluable for its target market.”
“It was so nice to see truly powerful women from top jobs feeling the same way as I was. We all feel a level of concern or uncertainty after leaving the workforce.”
“The team who run the program are fantastic - they are professional, informed and kind. The support and encouragement offered to the group as a whole has been truly wonderful. I was so grateful to have been part of it.”
“I attended an information session and an Induction Day which gave me the confidence and impetus to actively commence the process of returning to work.”
“It's nice to know there are large companies backing this program and who are invested in bringing women back to work.”
“It's a great confidence booster and encouraged me to really work out how to market my skills and key strengths.”