Nudging each individual on their personalised path to leadership growth


Why LeaderKey?


Use your organisation’s own capability framework and leadership language to create different programs that will cater for different audiences from aspiring to seasoned leaders


Your participants access 360 and self-assessments that help them determine the leadership dimensions they want to work on and select the actions they are prepared to take.


Leaders are nudged on a weekly or fortnight basis and receive personalised micro-learning that help them embed new behaviours in a sustainable way


Participants access their peers’ insights on the actions they are embedding in their own leadership.

Enhancing the impact of your workshops

LeaderKey enables what leadership development programs and workshops often fail to deliver. It creates a personalised journey of micro-learning to take theory into action and nudge your participants to continue to leverage their insights and embed their learning into sustained behavioural change several months after their workshop.
“The best part about LeaderKey is that it encourages self-reflection and taking action.”

“LeaderKey is excellent. It’s one of the better development tools that I’ve encountered.”

“LeaderKey allowed me to continuously develop crucial leadership skills at my own pace.”

“LeaderKey helped me to clearly see the leadership capabilities that I need to work on and gave me the tools to actually doing something about it!”

A modern approach to leadership development

In a hybrid world, where appetite for long workshops is rapidly diminishing, LeaderKey delivers an engaging, bite-size, action oriented online experience for your participants to develop leadership skills.

Developing an organisational culture of inclusion

Leverage Serendis Leadership’s expertise in inclusive leadership and enhance a culture of inclusion throughout your organisation with our Inclusion in Action module and more than 100 practical actions of day-to-day conscious inclusion. Discover Inclusion in Action