Interactive and innovative sessions allow our participants to learn and develop leadership skills with a group of like-minded professionals. Each of our different training modules are tailored to the needs of each group and include sessions on leadership purpose, effective influence, strategic stakeholder development, mindfulness and resilience.

This first and crucial step in the leadership journey challenges participants to complete their personal leadership map...a succinct and powerful map that includes their strengths, their values, their key influences and their ultimate purpose as a leader.


Often cited as a crucial element of leadership success, psychological resilience is defined as the ability to demonstrate flexibility and bounce back from negative emotional experiences. Through the use of simple models in a highly interactive session, participants reflect on their habitual cognitive patterns and the way it may drive their decision making process, behaviours and resilience.


Latest research on the science behind high performing teams and diversity of thought gives a powerful evidence-based catalyst for our participants to develop an inclusive style of engagement. Through practical frameworks and case studies, participants will learn to recognise their own natural biases, challenges or opportunities harness the value of a diverse team and achieve an inclusive leadership culture.

The Journey to Leadership


This workshop focuses on the increasingly important role that influence plays in achieving business objectives in the modern corporate world. Participants learn about their current in influencing style and receive insight into techniques on how to build and improve influence and rapport with important stakeholders.


How do you move from a problem solver to an agenda setter? This session covers the latest research in successful leadership and reveals important findings on the power of your network. Participants will learn how to harness networks effectively and conduct powerful conversations to boost strategic acumen and innovation.


By defining the leadership journey, we prepare participants to move out of their comfort zone. Through an interactive discussion on the differences between management and leadership, participants define what it will mean for their role and how they can start shifting their focus to set the agenda, think strategically and lead with purpose.

#PsychologicalSafety is at the centre of our inclusive leadership work & we often reference the research of…
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