Our Executive Leadership Coaching sessions are designed to support each individual in the development of their own voice as a leader and their practice of strategic, influencing and management skills. These programs are tailored to each executive's specific needs and expectations which are unique.

Our coaches have prior senior executive experience in the corporate world and have also received extensive training and accreditation in the practice of coaching. They provide effective and relevant skill development sessions whilst also facilitating deeper personal insights into behavioural or cognitive changes. Some of our areas of expertise include: strategic acumen, influencing skills, communication and engagement, people management, resilience and purpose.

All coaching programs are based on preliminary 360 assessments to give leaders a sense of their current impact with key stakeholders and to make sure our approach is aligned with the organisation's context and objectives.

Our consultants are also accredited with the following instruments that we suggest and use as required:

  • Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument
  • The Leadership Circle Profile
  • MTQ 48 Resilience
  • LSI

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