Career Returners - creating a pathway back to work

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By Maud Lindley

May 9, 2017

Prospective Career Returners attend the launch of the Career Returners 2017 Program

We at Serendis are excited to announce that we are launching Career Returners 2017 this month. The Career Returners initiative is for professional women and men who are ready to return to work by offering them a paid secondment within organisations. The key elements of the program are:

  • Eligible candidates will have at least 8-10 years of experience and are looking to return after 2+ years out of the corporate sector
  • Successful Career Returners will secure a paid short-term contract or permanent arrangement within participating organisations
  • Career Returners will be supported by individual and group coaching
  • The program is entirely funded by the corporate partners
  • Applications are open now

We know there is great talent out there that is sometimes hesitant to apply for roles through the traditional channels, this is why we created Career Returners. We also know that many businesses are genuinely evolving in the way they recruit and design their talent strategy. We want to partner with these organisations to support this need while creating a successful re-entry into the corporate roles for the candidates.

While we are open to experience areas, we are particularly interested in candidates with a background in Financial Services, Property, Legal, project and program management, consulting, marketing, finance and front office/sales.

Please visit our  Career Returners webpage if you are interested to find out more information.