The purpose of Serendis is to facilitate positive change at an organisational level

Through consulting and coaching, we support the development of ethical and effective leadership practices.

We use a range of tailored solutions including:

Partnering with executive teams, we identify the specific needs of each of our clients and design unique programs to help them develop high performing teams.

With a personal background as leaders in the corporate world, our consultants understand its culture but also the details of the roles, activities, products, clients that our participants deal with. We are able to use the same ‘language’ and appreciate the subtle differences between different organisations and functions. This expertise gives us a unique advantage in group facilitation to establish credibility and rapport with the participants.

Serendis develops and facilitates the most sophisticated cross-industry mentoring programs in Australia. The highly successful Women in Banking & Finance Mentoring Program and Property Council of Australia’s Women in Property Mentoring Program, are two such cross-organisational programs with participants from more than 35 leading organisations in both the Finance and Property industry in Australia.

Through our different programs, we have worked with a range of large and medium size organisations:

Our Clients

Banking, finance, media & service industries in Australia & beyond

#PsychologicalSafety is at the centre of our inclusive leadership work & we often reference the research of…
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